Enjoy the Sound of Silence

Reduce Noise Pollution & Increase Energy-Efficiency
Do you want to control the sound within your residential, commercial or industrial space within the Greater Toronto Area? Installing an acoustical ceiling could be the answer. At Patcon Contracting, we understand acoustical ceilings. Besides being instrumental in reducing noisy sound levels, did you know that acoustical ceilings can also help you make your building more energy-efficient? That’s because their insulation can actually help make your building more comfortable year-round.

When installing a new acoustical ceiling we will:

• Remove Old Acoustical Ceilings & Replace with New Modern Texture
• Spray Dirty Ceilings with New Acoustic (No Preparation & No Clean-Up)
• Wall Texture
• Repair Water Damage
• Drywall
• Install Recessed Can Lighting
• Install Decorative Ceilings
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