Effective Computer Rooms

Bring in an Expert from the Start
Patcon Contracting understands the importance of an effective computer room design. Rather than losing thousands of dollars on redesign efforts, it would be way more efficient to bring in the Patcon experts from the start. Our experience and broad-based knowledge of computer room design help us catch mistakes that might otherwise go undetected until after construction is completed. We serve a variety of residential, commercial and industrial clients in the Greater Toronto and Mississauga areas.

We Consider Your Timeline & Financial Situation
Our computer room design team recognizes that no two rooms are the same. To meet the unique needs of your company, Patcon looks at the big picture. Consideration is given to your timeline and financial situation, the location and infrastructure of the computer room, the current mission of the room and predictions for future expansion.

Structured Wiring Systems

Patcon understands how to set up network cabling and sophisticated wiring for computer rooms to comply with the proper standards. We cover all the details, including design, purchase and installation. To request an estimate for our services, contact us today or fill out our estimate form!