Refresh Your Store's Look

Revamp Your Store’s Interior
Choose Patcon Contracting to revamp your store interior in the Greater Toronto and Mississauga areas. We pride ourselves on quality work, excellent service and always meeting deadlines. Our dedicated and experienced employees are committed to providing an outstanding finished product.

Fully Insured for Your Renovation Needs
Patcon has completed work for beauty salons, as well as the Toronto Police Services. We have the workforce for similar types of high-security projects. Fully insured, we can provide payment and performance bonds. Through careful financial management, Patcon Contracting is very capable of completing substantial projects on time and on budget.

Renew Interest in Your Community
Whether you want to boost your employees’ morale and productivity or invigorate more interest in your store within your community, our store interior renovations will help you achieve your goals. Please contact us for more details, including estimated costs and timeframes. We’d love to help your business grow!